Santa Monica’s Undercover Culinary Scene

6 Jul 2016 0


When you hear Santa Monica, you probably think beaches, traffic, tourists, and overpriced everything. And you’re not wrong—3rd Street Promenade has always catered to the tourists with above-average prices for below-average attractions.

But over the past few years, Santa Monica has experienced an up-and-coming culinary scene that’s got Angelenos taking notice—and we wanted in.

We took a food tour to see what’s good in the ‘hood once you get past the pier and the promenade. And we found some amazing, write-home-worthy food—that is, if you know where to go for the right occasion. Below you’ll find the perfect restaurants for first dates, third dates, birthday celebrations, big game days, and not-so-basic brunches. Have more suggestions? We’re all ears in our comments section.

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