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So why choose us?

Southern California Student Housing was started by Marc Castleman and Andrew Clark in 2007. Together, they witnessed a student housing market that wasn’t focused on meeting students’ needs and desires. They noticed a void in quality student housing. Andrew and Marc understood that by purchasing properties efficiently, and by providing for students’ desires at affordable prices, they could sinificantly improve student living.

Some people that think we do a pretty good job.

Nate Gualtieri

2716 Ellendale #1

Management is extremely quick to respond to any and all issues on the property. I never felt like my requests went unheard and there was no issue too small. The property itself is beautiful and feel brand new. The outdoor amenities like the grill and pool are added bonuses, and it’s a great place to throw a party. We have had very few problems while living there and if I were not leaving USC, would want to renew my lease indefinitely.


SCSH has been by far the best house and rental experience I’ve had at USC. They have beautiful homes with great amenities, excellent staff and communication, and go above and beyond to help students both get through the leasing process as well as have great experiences once they are moved in. I’ve had some horrible landlords and apartments and it was such a relief to be able to move into a beautiful home and have any questions or concerns immediately followed up on. I recommend SCSH to all of my friends at USC, even if they do have a higher price it is absolutely worth the investment. Thank you!!!

Nick M

Awesome resident care

Just wanted to thank you for the absolutely awesome resident care. SCSH is dope and I hope you end up thriving with growth in the future. Loving the new website for rent.

Ben Banet

1238.5 30TH

I just wanted today how responsive you and your team has been with maintenance and issues like that. A couple of times that stood it were when you proactively reached out to us at the beginning of winter to give you a heads up for any flooding or water leaks and when you got the garage door fixed the same day someone in our house dented it.