Dee Jay
4 Unit Apartment Building.
2716 Ellendale
Ideal for a 4 to 10 friends, or perfect to combine with other units for a large group.
St. James
4 Unit Apartment Building.
2336 & 2338 Scarff Street, 17 & 17 ½ St. James Park
In addition to the shared yard, each unit comes with a patio.
Studio 42
13 Unit Studio Apartment Building.
2642 Ellendale Place
The large studios offer students spacious, private living options close to campus.
The Brenda
2 Unit Apartment Building.
1238 and 1238½ W 30th Street
The Brenda may be rented individually as separate 3 bedroom units, or to one large group with connectivity through the shared balcony.
The Cat House
4 Unit Apartment Building.
1183-1185 W 30th Street
Located in a prime area close to campus and has all you need to live comfortably.
The Cube
Apartment Building.
1129 W. 37th Street
Very conveniently located and a quick walk, bike or drive to all the popular hangouts, including the Village.
The Jewel
21 Unit Apartment Building.
2801 Orchard Avenue
The large units are perfect for comfortable single or shared living. Trojan transportation stop adjacent to the property.
The Joint
6 Unit Apartment Building.
2718 Ellendale
Ideal for a 3 to 6 friends, or perfect to combine with other units for a large group.
The Orchard
4 Unit Apartment Building.
2711 Orchard Avenue
Ideal for small group of friends, or perfect to combine with other units for a larger group.
The Peach
4 Unit Apartment Building.
1200-1206 W 29th Street
Enjoy having quick access to all the local hangouts and the upgraded luxuries you deserve.
The Sands
10 One-Bedroom Apartment Building.
2827 Orchard Ave
The Three–Oh
3 Unit Apartment Building.
1236 30th Street
Units in this property are ideal for large groups who want to be close to campus, and an individual looking for an efficient studio with all the amenities.
The Victorian
2 Unit Property.
2309-2311 Scarff Street
The property has immaculately gardened front and back yards.

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